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  • Commission Illustration Inspiration MyDailyLife

    Bokillustrasjoner på min måte

    Jeg har jobbet med bokillustrasjoner den siste måneden. Det har vært spennende, lærerikt, stressende, pyton og veldig gøy.

    Noe av det vanskeligste er å finne “stemmen” til det jeg skal illustrere.

    Jeg vet at når jeg får en tekst som skal illustreres så må jeg lese gjennom den uten at noen har sagt noe, kommet med ideer og forslag etc.

    Det må være helt blankt slik at jeg får dannet min helt egen følelse for teksten. Og da dukker det opp masse bilder og følelser.

    Når jeg har laget bildene så er det selvsagt ofte at kunden vil ha forandringer eller en helt annen stil enn det jeg lager. Det er slik en illustratør ofte jobber. At kunden sier hva den vil ha, og så tegner man det. Men det er ikke slik jeg jobber!

    Hvis jeg leverer fra meg et arbeid som ikke er “meg”, så blir det helt feil. Selv om arbeidet kan være flott og fint, så er det ikke “meg”.

    Jeg legger sjelen i mitt arbeid, og da må det være min sjel som vises i arbeidet. Så om jeg får forespørsel om å illustrere noe så svarer jeg:

    “Ja det kan jeg godt gjøre, men jeg må gjøre det på min måte.”

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    Aurora og hennes demoner


    Noen ganger synes jeg det er gøy å være med på utfordringer og konkurranser.
    Og da snakker jeg nok ikke om idrettsprestasjoner, selv om det ofte kan føles som en stor idrettsprestasjon iblant.
    Nei dette handler nok om ulike konkurranser som har med tegning å gjøre.
    Det som er mest gøy å se er jo hvordan alle de andre tolker og løser utfordringen.

    Aurora, All My Demons Tour

    Talenthouse legger de ofte ut masse ulike konkurranser som man kan være med på.
    Da de la ut en konkurranse om å tegne/lage forslag til den nye posteren til Aurora, så kastet jeg meg ut i det.
    Jeg er stor fan av musikken og personligheten til Aurora så dette var gøy. Så utrolig mange flotte tolkninger!
    Klikk deg inn HER for å se hvis du har lyst.



    Her kan du se alle de flotte bidragene! Talenthouse



  • BLOG Commission Illustration Inspiration

    Enchanted! The book is here!


    Boken er kommet!

    Enchanted explores artistic interpretations of work by an extensive array of artists from around the world, all focusing on the themes of ‘Fairy Tales, Folktales and Fables.’ With various creative mediums (tattoos, drawings, paintings, sculptures, graffiti, digital, photography, mixed media, and much more) included..


    Amazing tattoos!


    Beautiful drawings!


    And here is my interpretation of the fairy tale “The Angel” by HC Andersen.


    Stunning paintings!


    And also with more wonderful mixed media art!


  • BLOG Commission Illustration Inspiration

    En vakker bok, og jeg er med!


    Out Of Step Books tok kontakt og ville at jeg skulle lage en illustrasjon som skulle være med i en bok om ulike illustratører´s tolkninger av eventyr, fabler, myter og folkeeventyr.


    Jeg ble jo nysgjerrig på dette og ville sjekke hvilke eventyr de hadde linket til. Mange kjente forfattere var ramset opp, men det første jeg la merke til var navnet:
    Hans Christian Andersen.

    Mange av hans eventyr kjenner jeg jo godt til, så jeg klikket meg inn på linken for å se hvilke eventyr man kunne velge mellom.

    The Angel “lyste” mot meg! (det er noe med de englene som stadig dukker opp)

    Det eventyret hadde jeg aldri hørt om, så det ville jeg lese. Og da endte det tilslutt opp med at jeg laget en illustrasjon til akkurat dette vakre eventyret. Du kan selv lese eventyret nederst på denne siden hvis du vil.


    Nå er boken kommet ut og den ser så flott ut!

    Gleder meg sånn til å få den i posten. Tror den er fullpakket med illustrasjoner til inspirasjon og glede!
    Jeg elsker å se andres fantastiske flotte illustrasjoner.


    Enchanted explores artistic interpretations of work by an extensive array of artists from around the world, all focusing on the themes of ‘Fairy Tales, Folktales and Fables.’ With various creative mediums (tattoos, drawings, paintings, sculptures, graffiti, digital, photography, mixed media, and much more) included..

    Limited Edition of 1000 copies
    Dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″
    Pages: 336
    Type of cover: Hardcover

    Out Of Step Books are committed to giving back to their beloved art community. A percentage of all sales from the Inspiration Art Project Series of books is donated to classrooms in need through an outstanding charity called You can visit the “Projects Supported” page by clicking here.


    Hvis du har lyst til å lese eventyret, så kan du gjøre det her:

    The Angel


    Hans Christian Andersen


    ?WHENEVER a good child dies, an angel of God comes down from heaven, takes the dead child in his arms, spreads out his great white wings, and flies with him over all the places which the child had loved during his life. Then he gathers a large handful of flowers, which he carries up to the Almighty, that they may bloom more brightly in heaven than they do on earth. And the Almighty presses the flowers to His heart, but He kisses the flower that pleases Him best, and it receives a voice, and is able to join the song of the chorus of bliss.

    These words were spoken by an angel of God, as he carried a dead child up to heaven, and the child listened as if in a dream. Then they passed over well-known spots, where the little one had often played, and through beautiful gardens full of lovely flowers.

    Which of these shall we take with us to heaven to be transplanted there? asked the angel.

    Close by grew a slender, beautiful, rose-bush, but some wicked hand had broken the stem, and the half-opened rosebuds hung faded and withered on the trailing branches.

    Poor rose-bush! said the child, let us take it with us to heaven, that it may bloom above in God`s garden.

    The angel took up the rose-bush. Then he kissed the child, and the little one half opened his eyes. The angel gathered also some beautiful flowers, as well as a few humble buttercups and heart`s-ease.

    Now we have flowers enough, said the child. But the angel only nodded, he did not fly upward to heaven.

    It was night, and quite still in the great town. Here they remained, and the angel hovered over a small, narrow street, in which lay a large heap of straw, ashes, and sweepings from the houses of people who had removed. There lay fragments of plates, pieces of plaster, rags, old hats, and other rubbish not pleasant to see. Amidst all this confusion, the angel pointed to the pieces of a broken flower-pot, and to a lump of earth which had fallen out of it. The earth had been kept from falling to pieces by the roots of a withered field-flower, which had been thrown amongst the rubbish.

    We will take this with us, said the angel, I will tell you why as we fly along.

    And as they flew the angel related the history.

    Down in that narrow lane, in a low cellar, lived a poor sick boy. He had been afflicted from his childhood, and even in his best days he could just manage to walk up and down the room on crutches once or twice, but no more. During some days in summer, the sunbeams would lie on the floor of the cellar for about half an hour. In this spot the poor sick boy would sit warming himself in the sunshine, and watching the red blood through his delicate fingers as he held them before his face. Then he would say he had been out, yet he knew nothing of the green forest in its spring verdure, till a neighbor`s son brought him a green bough from a beech-tree. This he would place over his head, and fancy that he was in the beech-wood while the sun shone, and the birds carolled gayly. One spring day the neighbor`s boy brought him some field-flowers, and among them was one to which the root still adhered. This he carefully planted in a flower-pot, and placed in a window-seat near his bed. And the flower had been planted by a fortunate hand, for it grew, put forth fresh shoots, and blossomed every year. It became a splendid flower-garden to the sick boy, and his little treasure upon earth. He watered it, and cherished it, and took care it should have the benefit of every sunbeam that found its way into the cellar, from the earliest morning ray to the evening sunset. The flower entwined itself even in his dreams. For him it bloomed, for him spread its perfume. And it gladdened his eyes, and to the flower he turned, even in death, when the Lord called him. He has been one year with God. During that time the flower has stood in the window, withered and forgotten, till at length cast out among the sweepings into the street, on the day of the lodgers removal. And this poor flower, withered and faded as it is, we have added to our nosegay, because it gave more real joy than the most beautiful flower in the garden of a queen.

    But how do you know all this? asked the child whom the angel was carrying to heaven.

    I know it, said the angel, because I myself was the poor sick boy who walked upon crutches, and I know my own flower well.

    Then the child opened his eyes and looked into the glorious happy face of the angel, and at the same moment they found themselves in that heavenly home where all is happiness and joy. And God pressed the dead child to His heart, and wings were given him so that he could fly with the angel, hand in hand. Then the Almighty pressed all the flowers to His heart; but He kissed the withered field-flower, and it received a voice. Then it joined in the song of the angels, who surrounded the throne, some near, and others in a distant circle, but all equally happy. They all joined in the chorus of praise, both great and small, the good, happy child, and the poor field-flower, that once lay withered and cast away on a heap of rubbish in a narrow, dark street.

    The End

  • BLOG Commission Illustration

    Endelig er boken her!

    2016-01-30 17.24.43

    Endelig er boken kommet! Helt fersk fra trykkeriet!

    “Da den lille sjæl kom til verden” er klar for å gå ut i verden på egen hånd :)

    Tusen takk Eva Andrea Ditlefsen for at jeg fikk lov til å illustrere din vakre bok.

    Gleder meg til å illustrere de neste bøkene :)

    2016-01-30 17.24.09
    Den lille Sjel 04
    Den Lille Sjel 03
    Side4 kopi

    Boken kan bestilles i nettbutikken under her.

  • BLOG Commission Illustration

    Englekopper til jul


    Jette Minna Korntved Ruud har laget disse nydelige englekoppene.Hun bestillte et engledesign av meg, som hun så fikk overført til keramikk.Jeg må definitivt ha noen av disse koppene!Koppene kan bestilles i stor eller liten og med eller uten gull kant.Hvis du også ønsker å bestille en englekopp eller to så kan du sende en melding til Jette HER.

  • BLOG Commission Illustration

    Da den lille sjæl kom til verden

    Jeg er så heldig å få illustrere barnebøkene om “Den lille sjel”, skrevet av Eva Andrea Ditlefsen.

    Dette er den første boken i en serie bøker.

    Boken utgis 15. januar og de første 100 som bestiller boken her, får den til kun 100 kr + porto

    (butikkpris 149,-)


    Ny spirituel børnebog af Eva Andrea Ditlefsen

    Om bogen

    Den lille sjæl møder sine forældres sjæle i universet og aftaler at den skal komme til dem på jorden. Vi følger den lille sjæls rejse hertil og hvordan den finder frem til de helt rigtige forældre. En strålende engel hjælper den på vejen.

    Da den lille sjæl kom til verden, er den første bog i serien om Den Lille Sjæl. En smuk spirituel børnebogsserie med livsvisdom for børn og forældre.

    Du kan også bestille to inspirerende barneplakater.

    (kun 120 kr)

    Du er elsket og Du er evig (30 x 50 cm) 

    Illustrert av undertegnede og tekst av Eva Andrea Ditlefsen.